Room Booking and Beyond

Evoko’s room booking solutions have been used worldwide since 2010 in many industries where security is of the highest level. This list includes governments, banks, and defense contractors.

Naso Room Manager

Naso room manager covers everything from basic booking functionalities to an extensive range of functions that can be added by our extended room booking. Naso room manager offers a simple, yet comprehensive feature set that requires a minimal amount of maintenance thanks to the hosted solution and the custom SetApp for installation.

Cloud Hosted

Easy installation without need to setup local servers. Updates are installed easily thanks to the cloud.

Scalable Solution

Adapt the solution to your needs, add more sophisticated features with extended room booking.

Room Status

Intuitive lighting system with three status colors. Clearly see the room status from a distance.

Multilingual Support

Naso room manager provides multi language support, and adds possibility to easily switch device language during session.

Report Equipment Issues

Easily report equipment issues directly from the room manager display.

Enterprise Grade Security

Purpose built and dedicated hardware and software with enterprise grade security.

Desk Booking

With Evoko desk booking, employees can easily find and book a desk, or search for where your colleagues are scheduled to work for the day.

Flexible Booking

Search and book desks with the App or Outlook add-in. Booking in advance or at arrival

Find a Colleague

Collaborate with co-workers by finding a colleague’s booked location.

Maps & Way Finding

Lets employees view floor plans and find the way to their desk

Location Preferences

Set your preferred location & floor. When searching for desks, preferred locations will appear first.

Notifications and Alerts

Real time notifications and reminders of bookings, check-ins and cancellations for no shows.

Manage Bookable Desks

Depending on your needs,

desks can be booked in advance or at arrival.

Room Services

For those needing more sophisticated functionality, our extended room services license is the ideal solution.


Mobile app allows for easy and flexible room booking, with extended room search.


Full catering options when booking a room


Get a clear overview of the floor plan and localize the meeting room prior to book.


Use the Mobile App to easily check in to a meeting.


Teams and room sensor integration


Provide extra security by allowing users to identify with PIN or RFID cards.

Visitor Management

Evoko visitor management system interacts with your visitors to automatically identify them and notify the host of their arrival.

Quick Sign In

Visitors can sign in on arrival using a given code.

Badge Printing

Optional printing of visitor badges with photos can improve security.

Dashboard Analytics

Understand visitor behavior with detailed reports.

Arrival Notifications

Real Time alert hosts via email when visitors arrive.

Custom Branding

The Guava app is compatible with iPad for easy setup and quick deployment, and can easily be customized for your brand.

Outlook Add-In & Mobile App

Naso Mobile App and Outlook Add-in can be used to provide additional features such as searching for rooms based on resources or managing catering.

Room Finding

Search and find a meeting room with your preferred seating capacity or room type.

Find a Colleague

Full catering options when booking a room

Select Resources

Filter your search with different types of resources such as air conditioning, video conference equipment and more.

Book a Desk

Search and book a desk in just a few clicks.

Register Visitors

Teams and room sensor integration


Provide extra security by allowing users to identify with PIN or RFID cards.

Insights & Analytics

Maximize the potential of the building with insights reports into many aspects of space utilization within the office such as desk and room usage reports to visitor management.