Our Process - Start to Finish

Discovery Consultation

The project always begins with a discovery process, where we listen to your needs, objectives and desires. Our preliminary interviews are relaxed yet specific, as we endeavor to balance the desires of the client with the realities of technological trends and budget constraints.

Design and Engineering

We put our system design team to work to supply an extensive set of project drawings and documentation to you. In addition all hardware and labor is defined with exacting detail. We meet with you to deliver this information for review, feedback and final approval.


Two phases. First, Infrastructure: Cabling, Conduit, Boxes etc as per approved drawings. Second, Hardware: Racks, Network, Audio Components, Video Displays, Cameras, Security, Lighting, Shades, Security etc.


System Integration begins with establishing the network, getting all systems connected and communicating with each other.


Our Commercial and Residential Systems can be easily used by everyone. Fully customized and personalized for you to fit YOUR needs. We simplify and automate technology to work for you in business and at home.


We provide all of our clients with the post installation training of our easy-to-use single interface across all of their devices.


We ensure that the investment you have made into your systems are well protected and may be serviced for life with accuracy and diligence. We honor all manufacturer warranties plus a 12 month workmanship warranty.


We have the factory certified training expertise, and decades of installation and programming experience, to create a seamless ecosystem out of products from multiple manufacturers and to support all of the systems we deploy.


All of our systems can be easily upgraded and we pride ourselves on the longevity of our designs and can recommend quality compatible solutions when that time arises.