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The award-winning and intuitive ELAN User Interface works the same way on your mobile device or tablet, remote or touch panel. Integration on each device is easy with ELAN control systems.

Simplify your room booking, desk booking and visitor management with flexible and fully integrated hardware and software solutions.

Whether you are looking to reduce energy costs, increase comfort, or manage light control solutions, Lutron products offer the flexibility you need with the energy savings you want.

BSS Audio is world renowned for outstanding sound quality and reliable equipment that satisfies the demands of professionals and high-profile installations. Products from BSS Audio are used on major tours, in recording and broadcast studios, churches, casinos, arenas, and nightclubs on every continent.

CrownAudio is a pioneer in amplified sound, designing and manufacturing world-class professional audio products for more than 65 years.leading manufacturer of high-quality, high fidelity audio products and amplifier systems for the automotive, home and professional markets.

Purposeful invention is no accident. It requires leadership, persistence and an unfaltering commitment to JBL’s ultimate design goal: create the best tools for better, more accurate sound. JBL’s technologies are not only part of a lasting legacy, they

are at work every day at the core of all JBL products used by audio

professionals worldwide.

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With video 8x that of streaming services, Kaleidescape elevates your video processor, projector, and screen to produce lifelike clarity and precision and with audio 10x higher than streaming services, it drastically elevates your processor, amps, speakers, and room treatments.

Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding venues, Sony projectors offer the highest quality images combined with reliability and energy efficiency.

From high-resolution stereo to 13.2 channel surround sound, experience pure Marantz audio through any configuration you need. No matter how you listen or what you watch, it delivers the most enjoyable music and movie experiences you can imagine.

Complete room solutions from Logitech allow participants to quickly kick off and run a video conference meeting. Logitech enables the same seamless audio and video experience from any workspace – office, home or hot desk.

Network design doesn’t have to be stressful! Our engineers will provide a complete network design. The best part: we’ll back the design with our guarantee! When we install a Luxul certified network we guarantee the performance of the network-including WiFi coverage. If the network doesn’t perform or provide full coverage, we will make it right at no additional cost to you.

Adapt your network to meet evolving business requirements and optimize new application deployments with Cisco access switches. Cisco Catalyst access switches bring wired and wireless together to more easily deploy mobility, strengthen security, and simplify your network. They’ll help you increase scale, improve reliability, and create greater efficiency and translate business networks into consistent, automated network policies.

Epson has been designing and manufacturing digital projection technology for over 20 years ans is the #1 selling projector manufacturer worldwide. We deliver projector solutions that bring everything from movies to immersive gaming, right in the comfort of your own home, with easy-to-use home solutions that work for nearly any size room or lighting conditions as well as solutions that enhance communication and inspire collaboration.

The top rated AV receivers from Yamaha, the AVENTAGE, is a dramatic and inspired leap forward in audio/video component design. It brings studio grade sound and sophisticated video to your home with unparalleled attention to detail in design, engineering, and fabrication. Details that at first glance would not seem to affect the quality of sight, sound, and control, when brought together in an AVENTAGE component, produce a work of visual and acoustic art.

Luxury speakers never sounded so good. Nothing compares to the satisfaction of knowing – for a fact – that something is as good as it gets. Sit back in your chair and listen, secure in the certainty that every detail of the speakers in front of you is dedicated to revealing every detail of the music they’re playing. Close your eyes and be delighted.

The 2GIG EDGE Security Panel is packed with industry-first features all built on a powerful platform of reliability and data privacy and was designed for you. The most secure way to disarm a home security system with hands-free convenience. with bold industrial design, has bright displays with an updated user interface that allows one button access to functions and on-screen control of all areas of the home.

Smarter security…safeguard your peace of mind with a professionally monitored system that responds automatically to danger and unusual activity. Everyone safe. Everything protected. Welcome home.

DISH’s innovative DVR technology delivers just what you need no matter what type of TV setup you have, plus we make it easy to use. Everything from our cutting-edge Hopper 3, which supports up to seven TVs