Our team can help you with a wide variety of design and installation services. Whether it is for the home or business, our professional design experts will help you to achieve your goals. Here are just a few examples of what design services we offer.

  • Commercial Network and IT Infrastructure
  • Full Smart Home Automation
  • Controls: Lighting, HVAC, Security (Alarm, Door Locks & Cameras), Window Treatments and more…
  • Home Theaters, Media Servers, Multi-Room Audio & Video
  • Training, Conference and Meeting Rooms Audio & Video
  • Sports Bars, Restaurants & Hospitality
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Paging, Telephone Systems & VOIP Systems
  • Web Design Development
  • Print Advertising


Do you need assistance with a previous or pending installation?

Let us install your equipment for you! Our team has specialized in the installation of hardware and infrastructure for over 15 years!
If it is for the home, or several hundred end users in a business, our team takes pride in the quality of their work and we only use the highest quality craftsmen and technicians.

This is just a short list of what our team is capable of assisting you with.

  • COE (Customer Owned Equipment)
  • Fiber Optic and CAT5/6/6A, Audio, Video, Surveillance Cabling
  • Servers & Racks Installation
  • PCs, Laptops & Printers
  • Network Switches & Routers
  • Home Theaters
  • Bars & Kitchens
  • and much more……

Project Management

Presence and Communication…that’s what it is all about.

If you need a project completed on time and on budget, those are the two main qualities we have in our Project Managers.

Our team has the skill sets to manage the contractors, keep all stakeholders fully informed and allocate resources for your success.

If it is a home you are building, opening a restaurant, need a technology upgrade, a new website or advertising campaign, that is just the tip of the iceberg of what our Project Managers have successfully fulfilled for our clients.


Once your project is complete, our number one goal is to exceed all of your expectations.

In the office or in the home, we back up, service and repair all of our work.

Even if you just need us to help with your existing technology needs, our team has the expertise to manage your current systems.

  • Upgrades & Configuration
  • Data Storage
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Testing
  • Repair & Calibration
  • System Troubleshooting (Servers, PCs and Laptops)
  • Viruses, Malware, Spyware & Security


Do you have an idea, and are looking for some answers? We can help.

Our friendly and professional consultants are eager to sit down with you and discuss the possibilities.

Let’s brainstorm together…start thinking outside the box….push the envelope and explore all available opportunities!

We have helped many business and home owners, who just need someone to bounce a few things off of…and we have the right team who will listen intently to all of your ideas, and needs to make your idea a reality!


If it is a new system we just installed, or an existing one, our trainers strive to make full use of everything it has to offer.

Our approach is simple….keep it simple. We want you to be able to use your systems like it is second nature. Our instructors are not just technicians, but teachers too.

We understand the need for a relaxed and informal environment. We will come to you, at your home, business….even meet in a restaurant if you prefer.

The better we are at training you, the faster you will be getting the most from your investment.

Call us today for more information….414.870.1020