Kaleidescape, The Filmmaker's Choice

Renowned for its ease of use, our industry-leading interface provides multiple ways to interact with your movie library. Kaleidescape organizes your library, bringing related movies into view. Play trailers, create custom collections, or jump to your favorite scene or song.

Strato S Player

It combines all of the color and crisp detail of true 4K Ultra HD and HDR with stunning sound and the convenience of Internet delivery. This player to provide an immersive home cinema experience, with better audio and video playback quality than most commercial theaters. Available in 6 TB (80 4K movie capacity) or 12 TB (160 4K movie capacity) versions.

Strato C Player

Together, the Strato C movie players and Terra movie servers provide the most robust playback performance, with maximum scalability. Stack up to 8 players with a Terra Server Storage option (see below) for the Kaleicdescape experience in 8 rooms of the house.

Terra Server

Available in 24 TB (320 4K Movies) or 48TB (640 4K Movies. This can be used to expand the storage of a Strato S Player and support 8 Strato C Players.