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Core Brands Press Release
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Core Brands supports Gary Sinise Foundation with IT and Media Solutions

Electrical Connection staff – March 12, 20013

According to Core Brands vice president of products and marketing Joe Roberts, the commitment to provide solutions to each home stems from the company’s desire to support returning American military personnel who have made extreme sacrifices for their country.

“All of us who enjoy the benefits of freedom have an obligation to give back to those who have sacrificed so much to preserve those freedoms,” Joe says.
“We think the work being done by the Gary Sinise Foundation to help wounded heroes live independently in the communities they call home is nothing short of extraordinary. We are honored to help in any way we can.”

Joel Berrettini of IT and Media Solutions, an Elite level dealer of ELAN Home Systems, initiated the relationship between Core Brands and the Gary Sinise Foundation. His involvement with the Foundation began on September 11, 2012, when he saw Megyn Kelly on Fox News run a story on a smart home built by the Gary Sinise Foundation.

“Here was a way that I could give back and have a direct impact on the quality of life for our Veterans,” Joel says.
“There is a desire to give back and with the lifetime of skill sets acquired, I was all in. I called Core Brands and they didn’t hesitate and gave me their commitment. As a result, six veterans are going to be able to live independently in their new smart homes.”

“Home is more than a house. It’s literally where we take comfort from the world,” says Gary Sinise Foundation executive director Judy Otter.
“When Joel Berrettini first contacted us, it was clear that he had a heart for our military. He was extremely motivated to assist us, in any way that he could, and has been extremely generous with his time and resources. The contribution being made by Core Brands will helpto put 21st century smart home technology at the fingertips of some of the bravest Americans to have ever answered the nation’s call to serve.”

The experiences of war leave an indelible impact on servicemen and servicewomen. Upon their return to civilian life, the physical, emotional and psychological challenges they and their families face are often very difficult. As citizens, supporting our defenders is a responsibility each of us must carry – and Joel Berrettini of IT and Media Solutions and the Gary Sinise Foundation are committed to ensuring that the sacrifices of our brave men and women are never forgotten.

March 2012 Core Brands PR