Ripple Effect Fitness taps IT and Media Solutions for their new facility.

Ripple Effect Fitness taps IT and Media Solutions for their new facility.

New Fitness and Yoga location get the latest technology to manage their business.

A personal trainer for more for than 15 years, Jeremy Gunderson decided to convert that sweat equity into his own shop with a silent financial partner, a former and current fitness client who saw the potential.

The result is the recent opening of Ripple Effect Fitness/Firefly Yoga Loft, an expansive space with brand new equipment housed in a modern two-story glass façade addition to a former furniture refinishing shop at 6318 W. State Street.
Gunderson said this boutique shop pairs his handpicked group of independent trainers who will work one on one with their clients. Instead of dues, clients may purchase a package of sessions.

With financial backing in place and a green light to make it his own, Gunderson said he worked with his partner to scout sites with commercial real estate agents.

“The architect, designer and I had a lot of control, so this was a case of making your dream and having the control in how to do it,” he said.

In addition to ensuring that necessary fitness accompaniments such as shower facilities were planned, Gunderson said he wanted his club to ooze a welcoming tone with plenty of light pouring in from the south-facing tall windows and just the right blend of hues.

“We had to have bright colors,” Gunderson said. “They had to say this place is energizing. I didn’t want dull colors or just blacks and whites.”

The design infuses a spectrum of pleasantly bold tones, a pebble-pattern and stripes on rubberized and carpeted sections designed to draw clients into various spaces, all accented by a chartreuse wall at the far end of the expanse. The floors, Gunderson said, are made to withstand weights being dropped.

He said equipment was carefully selected to appeal to a variety of interests. In addition to rowers and treadmills, emphasis is on equipment that can be shared.

“The main thing, Gunderson said, “is for trainers who can teach proper technique so that clients can use them outside these walls and not get injured.”