I had the pleasure of working with Joel Berrettini during the construction of Sharp Packaging’s new office and manufacturing facility in Sussex, WI. While Joel’s contractual relationship was directly with Sharp, he made every effort to communicate directly with me during our general construction of the building itself. The Sharp project was a fast track Design/Build project and required a very high degree of communication between all parties on the site. Joel’s commitment to this project and to staying actively involved in following all the areas where work was either on-going or about to occur, allowed him to continually stay a step or two ahead of the game. He worked well with the other trades on the site and his workmanship and attention to detail was exceptional. The systems that Joel laid out for the Client’s and then designed and installed are all highly technical in nature. As the building construction rapidly came to a close, the pace on the jobsite ramped up considerably. As the start of the IT and tele/data systems came on-line, Joel’s capabilities really began to shine and the results of his systems design work became evident. He is technically extremely capable, communicates well, results driven and not at all afraid to put in the hours needed to get the job done. I do look forward to working with Joel again in the future.